Freddy Corp.

We make games and websites, with passion.

Welcome to Freddy Corp.
We are a small team that loves making Websites and Games, either on mobile or computer. We do what we do with love and passion, our main focus being the simplicity and practicity.
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Mobile Game, Soon available

Choose the right shape at your disposal to avoid the obstacles and try to beat all your friends !
Earn coins, buy new maps, new shapes and new skins. Earn more coins and be the best.

Available in 2018


Mobile and Web-Browser Online Game. Code available on GitHub

Make your friends guess a given word by giving them hints.
Can be played up to 8 players online.
See the code here !

Available in Q1 2018

Brain Heroes

Mobile Game

A cookie-clicker-like mobile game in which you have to solve math equations instead of clicking.
See the code here !

Paused momentarily

Other Projects

Movies Scraper

Available on GitHub

Movies Scraper is a NodeJS bot that scrapes automatically pages from Wikipedia to retrieve the list of all movies released within a specified time range.
Check it out here.

Released in 2016

Website available now

A French Lebanese cooking website developed and published by FreddyCorp, for a client.
First version created in 2012, second version in 2014 and third version in 2016.
Check it out here.

V3 released in 2016

Plugins for GTA5 RP

Available on GitHub

GTAV RP is an online mod for the game Grand Theft Auto.
We developed a couple of plugins for server creators to use on their servers.
Check them out here : question_rp and helishop

The Team


Founder of Freddy Corp.

Freddy created the company in 2012 with his first commercial project.
He continued working on small and larger projects, listed in the "other projects" section.

Alexander VENCEL

Developer & Graphics Designer

Alexander joined the team in 2017.
Since then, he worked on a few games that has never been released and later in 2017 began working on "ShapeIT".


3D Graphics Designer

Ludovic joined the team in 2017 with the creation of a Game for desktop Computers.
He later worked on "RumoBiku", and on "ShapeIT".

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